How to Take Care of your Timber Door

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Doors and Windows

Exterior doors in Esher provide security in a home and they also increase the aesthetic appeal and value of a home. For the timber doors to look good for long, you need to carry out maintenance and care procedures every once in a while. To start with, you should inspect all the six sides of the door.

What to look for;

* Large cracks on the door, peeling paint and surface checks and all indications of a door that needs restoration work. Touch the door to test if there is a rough feeling on the door. Reapply the paint as soon as possible to make sure your door maintains its attractive look.

* As you inspect the door, look for damages caused by negative environmental conditions. Sand, blowing dirt, intense light and moisture can damage the appeal of your door if the door is not protected from such conditions.

* Dark streaks on the wooden door under a whitish laze, light or clear finish. The streak is a sign of damages by moisture.

If you identify any of the damages, prepare the door for the restoration process. You do not have to dismantle the door from the frame if you only need to repaint it. However, there are cases which you need to dismantle the door for you to carry out the maintenance care services. Remember to work on all six sides of the door to have a uniform look. Visit here for more details.


* Wipe the door with a clean cloth if sanding procedure has been performed.

* Use a clear exterior paint to coat all the sides of the door if you have repainted the door.

* Allow the door to dry before replacing it.

Remember that you do not have to carry out the maintenance service on your own. P & P Glass has reliable and trained experts who are willing to help you maintain your doors in Esher.

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