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How to take care of your Bespoke Wooden Furniture

Furniture complements the interior design of your home. It highlights the style and architectural plan of your home. Bespoke furniture in Hampshire maintains the functionality and appearance of your home by using natural designs. It is costlier than purchasing mass produced furniture in a store, but it is well worth it considering it is handmade and lasts for a long time. Proper maintenance should be taken to ensure the furniture remains beautiful and functional for as long as it possibly can.

Proper care for natural wood bespoke furniture

* Maintain humidity – Control humidity in the room where the furniture is placed by placing a plant or two. If the weather becomes adverse, use a humidifier in the room.

* Use coasters or mats – When serving hot or cold drinks and food, place mats and coasters to prevent direct contact between the wood and the food served. The heat variation can lead to sudden contraction and expansion which can damage the furniture.

* Do not expose it to direct sunlight – Sunlight can drain out the moisture in the wood, leaving it dry and eventually leading to cracking. The direct heat can bleach the wood, creating colour differential. If you have to place the furniture next to a window, place shutters, shades and blinds to control the effect of the sun.

* Keep away from sources of heat – If you have an open fire or radiators, do not place the furniture close by otherwise the furniture will be damaged by the heat.

* Cleaning – Use soft cloths to clean the furniture. Chemical cleaners and abrasives can greatly damage your furniture, so it is best not to use them.

Our natural wood bespoke furniture in Hampshire is handcrafted to perfection. Here at Squirrels Interiors, we believe furniture should be comfortable, elegant and most of all, it should express your personality. Call us anytime to place an order. We promise you that you will not be disappointed with our furniture.