How to plan for an overseas move

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Removal Services

While you may think that an overseas move is little more than a domestic move – it’s just that your possessions will need to be moved a greater distance – you would be wrong. Planning a move overseas takes a lot of extra planning and you really do need expert advice to make certain that all the paperwork and necessary regulations have been followed. Moving to another country means that your worldly goods are, in fact, being imported into that country, and this is where all sorts of rules apply. For example, even if your family car has many miles on the odometer, it could still mean that you have to pay a substantial tax to get it into another country. This is where you will need to partner with an overseas removals company in Devon that has experience in these matters.

Which Devon company should you choose for your overseas removals?

Firstly, there are certifications that leading removals companies have that can give you peace of mind. For example, there is a Registered International Mover Certification that can only be obtained when certain expertise is in place. OMNI (Overseas Movers Network International) is also a certification to look out for, as well as a company that is ISO 9002 certified. All these certificates mean that a certain level of standards can be expected, and that there will be recourse is something goes wrong.

In a domestic move the van leaves your current home and drives to your new home. For an overseas move the van would usually take your household goods to the nearest port and the containers would then be shipped to their destination. At the other side, in your new home country, another removal firm may be needed, unless you have partnered with an international organization. This is where OMNI comes into play as there are numerous partners that local companies can work through. It is always advisable to deal with one point of contact and allow the local removal company to liaise with the partners. This way you don’t need to get involved in any internal disputes between companies and can reasonably expect that any issues will be dealt with on your behalf. You can visit here to get more information.

Know what can or can’t be shipped

Once you are working with a reputable firm that has experience in international shipping, you will be made aware what can’t be taken into a different country. For example, some manufacturers may be boycotted and other materials may be forbidden to pass through customs. These would include such items as fire arms and ammunition or even liquor. Most countries are very strict about your bringing in food stuffs or plants, and flammable items also shouldn’t be packed in a container. If you go against these regulations you may receive heavy fines and your removal company cannot be held liable. As damage can occur much more frequently with an overseas move, ensuring that adequate insurance covers all your possessions is a necessity.

When you are planning to move overseas you need expertise from professionals that specialise in overseas removals in Devon. Rose Removals and Storage of Devon has many years of experience and can give you advice about regulations to help you make a smooth transition.

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