How To Find Caravan Dealers In Ashford

Caravanning can be an exciting holiday trip for the whole family, but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to find them. Caravan dealers in Ashford are usually the best place to look because they offer warranties, and you can feel safe knowing that they have inspected the equipment before they sell it. However, finding them can be slightly hard to do if you aren’t sure.


When researching a dealer, you’ll probably find it easier to go online because there is a lot more information available than using the phone book or word of mouth. Your research will likely take you to many websites, so it’s important to focus on the overall effect of the site, what they offer, and whether or not they have the options and items you want.


The options you’ll be looking for will vary from another person, but you will likely want to see both new and used versions, motor homes and see if they have a workshop. You will also want to ensure they offer a contact us page that includes their physical address, contact information and hours. Contact information can include a telephone number, email and fax number, but should at least have one of the three. You may even find a helpful map towards the bottom of the page to help you locate them.


Most caravan dealers in Ashford offer a workshop so that you can ensure that when something goes wrong with the trailer or vehicle, you will have someplace to take it and get it fixed. You’ll want to make sure they’re insurance approved and offer their prices. Some services may require you to call for a quote, but servicing will usually provide pricing. You may also want to check to see if labour and parts are included with the price and guaranteed.


If you find multiple websites that seem to have everything you want, you may want to check out review sites to find out more information. These sites allow anyone who has used the service to write about it, whether good or bad. You can usually find them for almost every company, and you may also want to check social media websites to see if anyone has posted about their experience.

On Your Own

If you don’t want to go through a dealer, your only option is to try and find something for sale by owner, but this can be difficult and risky.

Caravan dealers in Ashford can usually provide you with the best deals and the best options. Visit Canterbury Caravans Sales today to learn more and to find your next caravanning vehicle.

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