Moving and Relocating

How to Be Safe during Moving

Heavy boxes and a lot of packing and wrapping sure sounds like a lot of work and it is! If you are not careful enough, you can get physically injured. How can you prevent being injured?

* Do not over pack your boxes. Weigh the boxes to ensure they have a maximum weight of 50 pounds or the weight you are most comfortable to lift and carry around.

* Plan every step in advance before it happens. When packing, consider the accessibility in the new and old premises.

* Having the right equipment will save you from backaches as they help you carry and move heavy property.

* Use the proper technique to carry and lift the boxes. Use your lower body and keep your back straight when lifting the boxes. Remember to take small steps when carrying the boxes and walk slowly. Do not carry the boxes on your head or shoulders.

* Identify danger spots in your new and old home that may pose some danger. Make sure the stairs are visible to everyone. Buy traction mat and place them in places which are likely to become slippery. Reserve a place where the truck will be parked when moving. Make sure the truck is as close to the premises as possible to reduce the distance that the property has to be carried.

* Keep your pets and children away from the way of the people handling removals in Oxford. It is dangerous to have them walking up and down on the way of the movers.

* If you plan on carrying anything, wear comfortable clothes which will not restrict your movements.

Greens Moving Services offers safe removals in Oxford. We follow all the safety precautions to ensure your property and the people involved in moving it are safe. We offer owner packed removals, complete removals, breakable removals only, or removals only services.

Moving and Relocating
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Moving and Relocating
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