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How Much Does a Skip Hire Cost in Abingdon?

If you’re engaging in any project that will require a skip hire in Abingdon and that will generate significant amounts of waste, you will need to gather information to get started. Whether you are a private citizen looking to undertake a single project, or a company that needs to deal with waste removal long term, it’s important to know how much you will need to budget. The cost of hiring a skip can be highly variable, and largely depends on what type of skip you need.

Mini Skip

The smallest skips available are the mini skips, generally 4 cubic yards or under. They can hold in the area of 40 household rubbish bags and are used in the smallest projects. This type of skip will cost between 90 pounds and 130 pounds weekly to hire.

Medium Skip

The next size up, the medium skip, is around double the size at 8 cubic yards, and can hold almost a hundred rubbish bags. It costs between 200 pounds and 250 pounds to hire one of these sizes for a week.

Large Skip

A 12-yard skip will be the largest skips that you can hire out before getting into the roll on, roll off types. They are able to handle around 125 rubbish bags at a time. These largest skips can vary more widely in price and go for between 250 pounds and 340 pounds a week. To know more, click here.

How to Keep Costs Down

There are a few other factors in play that can affect the cost of a skip hire. For one, there are a number of materials that are hazardous and restricted from being disposed of improperly. Waste management does sort the rubbish, so you will be found out, even if it’s hidden amongst other waste. Keep a hired skip inside the weight limit, as well, or else the skip could receive damage, you could have a costly accident, or be issued a fee from the company you hire from. It’s also extremely important to pay for any relevant permits wherever you need to use your hired skip. This permit cost can vary very widely, from just ten pounds in some places to near a hundred in others, but nearly everywhere, a lack of a permit can easily cost in the hundreds of pounds.

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