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How Maintain Asphalt Driveways

Maintaining asphalt pavements involves four major steps;

1. Clean the road – Use a machine used to clean asphalt or a screwdriver to clean the cracks. If there are grease or fuel stains, use specialised degreaser to clean the asphalt. Clean the asphalt surface by removing and debris using a blower, pressure washer or broom depending on your budget. Dry the surface after cleaning it.

2. Repair damages areas – Does your asphalt have potholes or cracks? Fill up the cracks using the asphalt crack filler and proper crack filling equipment. Even if the asphalt has small cracks, repair them so that they do not become too large. Large cracks turn into depressions and potholes which cost so much more to repair.

3. Seal the asphalt surface – Sealing the surface prevents oxidation and decay from taking place. Sealing should be done after two years.

4. Block access – Use caution tapes and pylons to keep away vehicle and foot traffic from stepping on the already maintains asphalt surface. All entry to the surface after the surface has dried up.

Other tips on maintaining your asphalt driveway include;

* Keep vehicles from your tarmacked surface for three days after installing the road surface

* Asphalt is affected by weather changes. During hot season, it contracts and condenses during cold seasons. Avoid driving your vehicle in and out the driveway many times during hot seasons; frequent driving will create depressions on the road.

* If you want to park your campervan, boat or trailer in your driveway for a long time, place some plywood below the wheels to help spread the weight of the vehicle. If the weight is not evenly distributed, divots will appear below the wheels.

* During hot seasons, divots happen on the asphalt driveway if you stop or start your car too suddenly.

* If power steering fluid, oil or gasoline spills on your asphalt pavement, clean it up immediately so that it does not cause cracks. If cracks appear, contact an expert in road tarmacking from Wallington immediately to prevent further damages.

Our specialists in road tarmacking from Wallingford are always ready to help you with asphalt maintenance services. Contact us at Hazell and Jefferies Ltd today.

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