Hiring Builders in Maidstone for Help with Roof Repairs

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Business

A home without a roof will be vulnerable to many things, such as break-ins and storm damage. More than half of the home’s heat will escape through the roof unless you take the time to hire builders in Maidstone for repairs. The lifespan of a roof will vary, depending on who fitted it and what it was made of. However, dark spots, water pooling and missing shingles will indicate that damage of some kind has occurred. To prevent the problem from worsening and to save money on building services, learn the basics about roof repairs.

Signs of a Faulty Roof

There is a big risk of mould and mildew developing if you ignore a faulty roof. With assistance from builders in Maidstone, the cause of the problem can be detected and dealt with. You should take it upon yourself to examine the roof every so often to make sure the materials aren’t loose and that no area of the roof is sagging. Missing or cracked shingles are a sign that a leak might be present. To prevent water accumulation and pooling, check to see if there is adequate drainage around the roof.

Popular Roofing Materials

The builders in Maidstone you work with should be able to tell you what roofing materials are the most long lasting, but it wouldn’t hurt to educate yourself a little first. An affordable option is composition shingles, but a more durable choice would be clay roof tiles. Some other roofing materials that can be used on pitched and flat roofing include slate, concrete, rubber and tile. The key to choosing the right materials is to consider your budget and how much time you have for maintenance duties.

Qualities of Experienced Roofers

A lot of home-owners make the mistake of hiring the first roofer they can find as a way of getting the problem fixed quickly. However, this is not the right way to go about it. Unless you check the experience and qualifications of roofers and builders in Maidstone first, you might end up paying for a poor service. A respectable roofer will have five years experience or more and will be able to offer their work with a guarantee. They should have insurance and hold the relevant licenses and permits for residential and commercial roofing projects. Visit us for more information.

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