Five Tips for Keeping your Pet Safe in the Summer Heat

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Veterinarian

If you are a pet owner you need to keep the seasons, particularly the intense heat of summer in mind. Dogs are not humans; they react differently to heat as an owner you need to keep your pet safe in the summer heat. Treat them with the love that they give and consider what is best for them. Here are a few safety tips that will help you avoid a trip to an emergency vet in Durham.

Don’t Rely on Fans

Contrary to many beliefs, using a fan will not cool off a dog efficiently. People sweat through their pours and can easily cool off with a fan blasting full force on them, pets cannot; dogs sweat through their feet so fans are not the most reliable. Instead of using fans try using water baths to cool off your pet and protect them from getting heat stroke. Fans do allow colder air to flow through your house making it a colder environment so don’t out them away.

Walk During Cool Times

Pets can have just as much energy as people do, especially if they are younger. It is important to let your pets exercise regularly during the summer months. Instead of walking during prime time sun hours during the middle of the day, walk them in the morning or the evening. The temperature is often cooler the first few hours as the sun is rising and right before sunset into the night, let your pet enjoy their time to run around.

Make Frozen Treats

A quick way to cool off your pet is by giving them a frozen treat when they come back in after playing outside. The treats are often quick to make and you control what you put in them (note that many dogs prefer the taste of peanut butter); or you can freeze your store bought treats (if your pet can chew them). If you felt like spoiling your pet there are even frozen pet ice creams you can purchase at the store if you wish. Your pet will surely thank you with a playful lick and beg for another when you give them a frozen treat.

It is important for you as a pet owner to be considerate of your pet’s well-being. They are counting on you to take care of them. They love you unconditionally and only ask that you give the best care you can. If you have any concerns about what care is best for your pet during the summer months talk to your veterinarian.

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