Finding the Right Contractor for Roof Repairs

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Roofing

You roof needs some TLC or repair work done so you are looking for a roofing contractor you can trust. But how do you know what to look for in a roofing contractor? With these essential tips, you can make an informed decision about who you ultimately choose to work with on your roof repairs in Nottingham or the surrounding areas:

* Licensing– This is essential and cannot be compromised on because without proper licensing you cannot be sure the person you hire is trained and experienced enough to do a good job.

* Insurance– Without ensuring that your contractor has the proper insurance, you will be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur on your property- even if they are the contractor’s fault!

* Permits– A good contractor will take care of all permits and code paperwork that is involved with your roof work needs but it is always good to check and make sure it is being done.

* Warranties– Many roofing contractors provide some sort of warranty on their work so make sure you understand what is and is not covered under the warranty and that everything is agreed upon before you sign the papers.

* References– Finding a roofing contractor takes times and a good course of information is past clients who can tell you about the contractor, the work they did, and their relationship with them during the project. Ask for references and call some of them yourself.

* Contract– All contract information and details must be in writing and must be signed by all parties involved before work begins. This contract needs to be kept in a safe place so it can be easily referred to if any problems or issues arise during the course of the roof repair in Nottingham.

There are many options available to you when it comes to finding a contractor to work on your roof, but you want to make sure you make a wise choice. A good place to start is WR Leivers, so contact them today!

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