Enjoy Modern Features When Paying for Range Rover Vogue Car Hire in London, UK

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Automotive

An iconic brand of car with an eco-friendly design and refined appearance – what reason do you have not to spend money on Range Rover Vogue car hire in London, UK? Capable of covering long distances without a struggle, this entry level Range Rover will not disappoint. Favoured by people who live in chaotic areas, the model is specially designed to make driving in the city that little bit easier. Whether you require car rental to impress someone or to relieve your car of the stress it may face when embarking on long road journeys, first take a moment to learn about this vehicle’s main features.

Height Adjustable Seat Belts

It can be tricky trying to fit seatbelts securely over small children, not to mention tall adults! This is why Range River Vogue car hire in London, UK is such a good idea, because the Vogue model features seat belts that are height adjustable. The seatbelt will not rub against your skin or cause discomfort and it can also be used with a booster seat.

Front Parking Aid

Do you consider yourself to be pretty bad at parking a car? If so, you can consider Range Rover Vogue car hire in London, UK a way to brush up on your skills. The front parking aid technology is one of the latest innovations and it works by sensing other objects that may be in its way. Upon approaching these objects, a high-pitched chime sound will kick in.

USB and Bluetooth Connectivity

Those long road trips need not be boring anymore, because you can connect your cell phone to the sound system with a USB when you get Range Rover Vogue car hire in London, UK. Alternatively, switch on the Bluetooth and play your favourite tracks. Bluetooth connectivity also comes in handy as a hands-free calling device when on the move.

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