Employment Contract Breached? Why You Should Consult a Lawyer

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Lawyers

When a company hires an employee, there is a contract formed between the two parties. The contract will establish the specifics of the job for the employee within the company. Plus, the employee agrees to follow the business’ policies and procedure while working for the organization. However, what happens when one of the two parties breach that contract? Are they violating a law and how should the issue be handled? Employment solicitors in Portsmouth can play a vital role in determining if a law has been broken. They can determine who violated the law and what options are available to solving the issue.

Know Your Rights

If the employer breached the contract by unfairly terminating an employee, employment solicitors in Portsmouth can determine what laws the company violated. A lawyer can help inform the employee of their rights and the type of settlement they are entitled to. Just as the lawyer can protect a company from being unfairly being sued by employees that can be trying to damage their reputation. Solicitors will negotiate the terms of the claim to try and find a solution that protects their client’s rights. If the disagreement cannot be settled outside of court, the solicitor will speak on behalf of their client in a Tribunal to obtain a fair judgement for the contract being breached.

Ease Your Mind with an Experienced Solicitor

Any type of legal litigation can be a stressful situation and difficult to handle, it is beneficial to be well-informed when dealing with litigation involving employment law. A C Employment Solicitors Limited offers services to employee and employers that have a legal problem involving employment law. They offer the highest care in handling a case to help make the process on their client. Their primary goal is to help their client receive a fair settlement without having to go before a Tribunal. Click here for more details.

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