Embarking on a Building Refurbishment?

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Builders

There’s always enormous excitement at the thought of embarking on a new building project. Refurbishing a home might mean that you’ll finally get that dream kitchen that you’ve been longing for, or that you’ll finally have a bathroom of your own and not have to stand in line with the family queue. Refurbishment should mean that you have a much better home at the end of a project, so it’s usually something a homeowner embarks on with gusto. However, stories abide of all the things that can go wrong. You have probably heard tales of the huge budget over-runs and the interminable delays, of families camped out in caravans as winter approaches with no idea of when they can return to their homes. In essence, this is all a result of bad planning and choosing the wrong builders. With a little research and some simple homework, you can ensure that your refurbishment goes off like clockwork, and the excitement you started with will continue throughout the project.

Partnering with a good building refurbishment team in Rickmansworth

It stands to reason that you should use the Internet to find various businesses to contact and evaluate. The beauty of social media is that people post their comments and opinions – and this especially applies to those who have had a negative experience. One or two bad comments should be seen in context if the other remarks are overwhelmingly positive, but too many negatives should be a red flag.

A good building company will be happy to meet with you and should, free of charge, be prepared to put together a build-plan after your consultation. They should be able to give you predicated milestones as sub-projects and should explain when each of these would be completed. In other words, you’ll see evidence of good planning and of solid building knowledge based on their previous experience. Visit here for more information.

Communication is vital

If your building refurbishment is for a home in Rickmansworth, you should probably look for a builder that is situated nearby. From a scheduling point of view and from getting the various tradespeople on site, proximity is a great benefit. You would then need to be clear as to who will be supervising the project and how they will communicate with you. These days, with all the electronic modes of communication available, there is no excuse for the builder who simply can’t be reached – particularly when there’s a crisis. Agree on a method, be it daily telephone calls, daily emails, or even a schedule that is updated and that you can follow on the internet.

For peace of mind for your building refurbishment in Rickmansworth, you need to partner with an excellent contractor. Malrose has been delighting customers with their outstanding work for many years.

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