Double-glazed windows could be the best investment you’ll make

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Doors and Windows

For your home or office in Guildford you’ll want to have optimum climate control, and need look no further than having double glazing in your doors and windows. Some people are put off by the increase in price between single and double glazing, but there are hidden benefits that make this investment very cost effective. For example, there is no doubt that single glazing provides little insulation for your home. Thus, the heat that you have generated at cost during the winter months will readily escape through the single panes. Likewise, during the hot months of summer, the outside heat will quickly travel through the glass and make your home hot and stuffy. The reason for this is that glass is a good conductor of heat. Double gazed windows are carefully engineered to prevent this situation. The concept is that there are two panes of glass, but there is a layer of compressed air between the two panes and this makes all the difference. This gas is the secret, as it is a poor conductor of heat – thus the heat exchange doesn’t readily take place between your home and the outside elements.

Double glazing is actually a cost saving measure

Tests have been conducted to survey the difference in heat between the inside and outside panes of double glazed windows during winter, and there can be up to a 20 degree difference. The inner pane is much warmer, and thus it shows that the heat is not leaving your home. Heating a home takes a lot of energy and expense, so it stands to reason that double glazing will save you on energy bills. In fact, research suggests that up to 50% in saving can be achieved. Click here to know more.

The comfort of having double glazing

Climate control is a huge reason for having double glazing, but it’s by no means that only advantage. Having two panes of glass provides more insulation against not only the cold but also outside noise. If you are bothered by the sound of traffic or have boisterous neighbours, you will find that the noise is most effectively reduced by having double glazed windows installed. Also, many people complain about the moisture that collects on windows during winter. Due to the huge difference in temperature between the indoors and outdoors, condensation occurs and can result in streams of water running down your windows and sometimes freezing. The problem is greatly alleviated with double glazing. As the inner pane is so much warmer than the outer, very little condensation will take place and you will not be subjected to having misted vision for most of the winter months.

Double glazing in Guildford will provide excellent insulation and help diminish noise. Visit us to learn more.

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