Different Types of CCTV Cameras in Newport

by | May 11, 2017 | Security Systems and Services

CCTV systems are for more than real time monitoring of your business or property while you are on the premises. There are camera system designs that can be operated off site on a remote location away from the business or property. This can be beneficial for times where no one is on the property but surveillance is still necessary and desirable. The CCTV Cameras of Newport that can be remotely controlled and monitored are great for protection against fire, intruder break-ins, freezer or temperature anomalies, medical emergencies, mechanical and environmental alarms, and for monitoring lone worker situations. With off-site CCTV cameras, someone else is monitoring for you and will watch for issues, alerts, problems, and send help and contact the correct official as needed to respond to the situation.

Expert Care and Monitoring

The most important thing to check for is that the company you are working with for your remote, off site monitoring is one that has a proven record for quality and excellence. You are trusting them to monitor your property and protect your investments, assets, workers, and customers. It is important that you make sure they are using the highest quality of cameras and monitoring systems and that they have a proven track record for excellence. The monitoring company is often your first line of defence when it comes to threats like a late-night break in, a fire, severe freezes that threaten the plumbing systems, and may be your only way to monitor your property in certain events such as major storms.

The Difference is Clear

In the case of a late-night break in, fire, or other issue the company will notify the correct emergency response team. They will also contact you to alert you of the issue. The CCTV systems give you more freedom while still allowing you to be connected and to know your business is being protected.

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