Cookers For Sale in Evesham – Do You Need a New Appliance?

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Business, Home Improvement

Do you own a Bosch, Electrolux or HotPoint oven that is not performing quite like it used to? If so, you ought to think about purchasing new cookers for sale in Evesham. While it may be possible to get minor faults repaired, your best bet would be to invest in a new appliance. Before you visit a supplier and hand over the cash, read up on the main signs of common oven faults.

Element Won’t Heat

The cooktop element is an essential oven component because without it, you won’t be able to heat food to the right temperature. In the event that the element won’t heat, you should inspect the oven sensor or bake element. You could replace these parts if they are corroded or you could buy cookers for sale in Evesham and save yourself the stress. The terminal block, burner element and burner switch must be working properly for the element to heat, so bear this in mind when purchasing a new appliance.

Oven Overheats

Don’t freak out if your oven is overheating because in most cases, the problem can be dealt with swiftly without professional help. An overheating oven may have a faulty thermostat, which can be replaced for under £50 in most cases. Try and adjust the thermostat settings and if this doesn’t rectify the problem, examine the sensors and broil element. If programming is the cause of an overheating oven, hire a professional to fix it before spending money on cookers for sale in Evesham.

Gas Igniter Won’t Light

Do you own a gas oven? If so, take the time to check the gas igniter and surface igniter. When the gas igniter glows but does not light with a visible flame, chances are the electronic controls will need to be fixed or replaced. Another reason why the gas igniter won’t light is if the safety valve or temperature sensor is broken. It’s always a good idea to refer to manufacturer instructions at this stage if you are attempting a do-it-yourself repair, because you might need to purchase specific components recommended by the cooker brand. Viewing troubleshooting videos online will also help at this stage.

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