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by | Jan 28, 2016 | Lawyers

It’s an exciting time to be buying a new home and attending to all the preparations for a move. In-between measuring for new blinds and notifying suppliers of your change of address, it’s important to remember that until the title deeds are in your name, you don’t yet own the house you want to call home. If you have purchased a property in Reading, you will ideally look for a local firm of solicitors to handle your conveyancing and to transfer the title deeds into your name. If you’re a first-time homeowner, you may not be familiar with the conveyancing process, so will need to get some facts in place before you make a final choice on your service provider.

What points should be considered when choosing a conveyancer?

A lot of people will tell you that price is everything. However, if you have just invested many thousands of pounds in purchasing a property, it’s important not to take the cheapest conveyancing offer when this could provide you with poor service. It has actually happened that delays in conveyancing, due to an inefficient partner, have caused the sale of a home to fall through, and this is definitely something you would want to avoid.

Actually, a good conveyancing firm will be looking out for your interests, and will be conducting searches on your behalf. It’s really important to establish a relationship with the conveyancer you’ll be dealing with. Ensure that your file is given to one person and that you can contact that person at any time during the working day to follow-up on progress. You may find that the seller of your home is also keen to know what progress is being made, and it’s good to be able to provide up-dated information. Click here to know more.

Once you have a specific conveyancer handling your case, it’s also in your best interests to work closely with this person. Your conveyancer is required to bring to your attention anything irregular that might influence your decision to buy. In your enthusiasm, you may have focussed only on a good area or an abundance of south-facing rooms, and may have neglected to pay attention to possible future developments in the area. If you have already noticed things that concern you, such as an industrial area nearby that appears disused, bring this to your conveyancer’s attention and have an investigation carried out.

The conveyancing process – and the costs involved

As there are many forms to be completed, your conveyancer will usually charge you for the time taken, including for any calls made or letters sent. You can expect fees that will be levied by the council, Land Registry fees for searches, and the actual cost of lodging the title deeds. When comparing costs, make certain that these have been itemised and that there are no other expenses that might suddenly be presented to you. There are many disbursements that the conveyancer will need to make on your behalf and all these should be included in the cost. Some firms offer a fixed price for the entire process (if it’s straight-forward) while other cases might be more complicated and require additional time.

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