Choosing Tyres for Your Vehicle

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Automotive, Business

Tyres need to be replaced quite a few times during the lifetime of your vehicle. Once your tyre retailer has determined that you need new tyres, with their help you can start shopping for the best ones that will suit your needs. Here are a few tips that can help you to make the best decision when shopping for tyres in Portsmouth. Checking on just a few simple things can save you time and money either at the time of purchase, or down the road.


The type of tyre you need may vary depending on where you live. Someone driving in a very warm climate is certainly going to choose a different tyre than someone who drives in snow six months out of the year. However, there are certain things you will want to look for in a tyre no matter where you live. Some standard things you will want to check is how well the tyre does at handling, braking, and hydroplaning. If the region you live in gets snow at times you will want to take that into consideration when shopping for tyres also.


While the internet can help you with some pricing, calling or stopping by your local retailer will often give you the best idea on what kind of tyres you are looking for. Your local retailer may even help you check prices from other local stores. You can, however, find some helpful reviews online that may give you some ideas of what types of tyres are available and what their differences are.

Ask Questions

When shopping for tyres, keep in mind that all tyres are not the same, so make sure you ask questions. Some tyres offer better warranties. Some tyres are rated for higher usage, while some are designed specifically for your driving conditions. Tyre retailers can differ quite a bit also. Be sure to get details of all the charges. Some retailers do not include tire deposal and warranties when quoting you a price on new tyres. Some dealers also do not include tyre installation. The most common services you will get charged for is valve stems and wheel balancing. All new tyres need new valves and balancing because the new tyres will not be identical to the old ones. Ask your dealer what their policy is and what the total price will be.

When shopping for new tyres there are many factors involved in picking the right ones for your vehicle. There are also many things to look at when getting a quote on them. Doing a little research and talking to your dealer when locally buying tyres in Portsmouth will make your experience much better.

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