Chair lifts can be personalised for individual users

For those living in Portsmouth in a home built over more than one floor, you need not move when you start to experience mobility problems In your area are specialists offering chair lifts that can provide you with the solution to regain your independence and remain in your home. Chair lifts are motorized chairs that run along rails installed on your staircase. The rails are designed to fit any staircase and the chair can be covered in your chosen fabric or modified according to the needs of the individual.

Different types of chair lifts

Most staircases are straight, which makes the design of the rails fairly simply. The rails are usually made from aluminium or steel and are strong enough to carry a heavy load. You would need to ensure that the correct model was installed in your home as the carrying capacity can vary between about 250 and 400 pounds. It would not be considered safe to try to transport an individual who weighed significantly more than the capacity of the machine. The motor in the chair works off electricity and is designed to lift a specific weight.

Curved rails are also available, and would conform to the curves of the stairs. The cost of these rails may vary greatly depending on the design of the staircase. The actual chair can also be modified according to individual preference, but will almost always have arm-rests and a footrest. The height of the chair can be adjusted according to the individual user, while some chair lifts have a platform where you can stand rather than sitting. The rails for chair lifts are secured to the treads of the stairs. Special wheelchair chair lifts are also available, but here the rails are sometimes attached to the walls are well as to the steps for extra support. You can click here to get more details.

Mechanics of chairlifts

Depending on the size of the stairway, the chair will usually be at right angles to the rail – thus the user will travel sideways up the stairs. With homes in Portsmouth being relatively small by European standards – which applies to the whole of the UK – having the chair fitted this way saves space and is more convenient. If space is truly at a premium, it is possible to have the footrest and seat fold up when not in use.

When the chair lift is activated, the motor will pull the chair on rollers along the rails. There is a chain or cable that would be used as the pulling device. At the top of the stairs it is possible, with some models of chair, to swivel, making it easier to get out of the chair. The chair can be locked into place at any time to ensure that getting into and out of it is safe.

Bentley Mobility is a leading provider of chair lifts in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. Visit them online for further information.

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