Bentley, still handcrafted after all these years

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Automotive

Bentley has had an interesting if not troubled past. This prestigious motorcar manufacturer can trace its history back to 1919 when the first hand built models were introduced.  Bentley went into receivership in the early 1930s and was purchased by Rolls Royce who later had troubles of their own and sold the Marque to Volkswagen. Today Bentley enjoys resurgence in the luxury car market, especially in China.

Bentley made its mark in European motor car racing in the 1920s, claiming they had learned everything there was to know about speed after winning the 1030 Le Mans; they turned their attention to manufacturing luxurious bespoke vehicles.

Modern Bentleys are available for use by the day or week, Bentley car hire in London, UK is the ideal way to get a taste for this fabulous vehicle without having to pay £150,000 minimum.

Today, a Bentley still is known as one of the world’s finest luxury motor cars, but in keeping with its racing past it now is back participating in British racing, winning the 2014 Blancpain endurance race held at Silverstone. Now, when you arrange for Bentley car hire in London, UK you can drive off in not only the epitome of luxury, but in a vehicle that can clock speeds approaching 200 miles per hour. Luxury and speed combine to give one the Bentley experience.

A Bentley GT is equipped with everything the most discerning motorist could wish for; this car can comfortably accommodate four adults, comfortably cocooned in a well designed and proportioned cockpit. The Bentley GT is ideal for business or pleasure, allowing you to move around the city in a car that is both elegant and practical.

The Bentley Flying Spur 6.0 W12 is often the vehicle of choice of high powered corporate executives, celebrities and others that are accustomed to wealth. The Flying Spur Bentley car hire in London usually includes the services of a chauffeur; the emphasis of this luxurious motor car is placed on the rear seating. This vehicle has plenty of leg room and head room for the tallest executive; the car is also the perfect choice for the bride who does not wish to arrive at church with her wedding gown all awry.

Business people arriving in London after an all-night flight from New York or a twelve and a half hour flight from Tokyo want to focus their attention on the business they wish to conduct, having a chauffeur driven Bentley not only gets you around London quickly and safely, you arrive at your various destinations in style.

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