Benefits of Vaccinating your Pets

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Veterinarian

Just like human beings, pets need to be vaccinated. The kind of vaccination that you choose is determined by the lifestyle, health and geographical location of your pet. It is good that you make an informed decision when choosing a vaccine for your pet. Vaccinating your pet is important and this is why you should vaccinate your pet;

It keeps you safe – Did you know that some of the animal diseases can be transmitted to human beings? Diseases such as leptospirosis and rabies can be passed to anyone but especially to immune-compromised people, the elderly and the young.

It’s lawful – Vaccinations for diseases such as rabies are mandatory so you need to vaccinate your pet even if it is an indoor pet.

Requirement from doggy day care – Doggy day cares are strict on specific vaccinations for your dog before dropping them off at their facility. This is a way of ensuring that all dogs remain safe at the day care.

Save money – Most vaccines are inexpensive and are readily available. When you compare the cost of treating an infected pet with the cost of the vaccine, you cannot believe how affordable the vaccines are.

Protects your pets from dangerous diseases – Lyme disease is spread through ticks and it causes joint pain and disease and low blood platelet count. Leptospirosis disease leads to heart and kidney failure. The disease can be prevented through regular vaccinations. Just like the tow diseases, several other illnesses can be prevented by vaccinating your pets.

Information is power, so research or ask your vet about the important vaccines that you need to give to your pets. Vaccinating your pets is a way of loving your pets as you protect them from pain and agony of diseases. Ashfield has all vaccines for your pet at affordable prices. Visit the site we are here to care for your pets.

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