Benefits of UPVC Windows

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Doors and Windows

If you’re looking for UPVC windows in Glasgow you may be wondering what all of the fuss is about, and why they have become a popular choice for many homeowners. Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, or UPVC windows, has many benefits:

* Low maintenance: UPVC window frames do not need to be sealed or painted, greatly reducing the maintenance that is required over their lifespan. They can be cleaned easily and quickly by using a mild detergent and water.

* Durable: UPVC is a tough material that has been used in sewer and water pipes for more than 100 years. These windows are quite durable and can last well over 25 years. These are also tested for ultraviolet resistance so they won’t fade in harsh sunlight.

* Rot resistant: UPVC is resistant to corrosion and rot; your windows will look just as good after 10 years as they do when they are newly installed.

* Thermal comfort: UPVC is a non-conductive material, unlike metals. This means that it won’t transfer heat, resulting in a more comfortable room temperature. The combination of double glazing and UPVC frames make the windows extremely energy efficient.

* These window systems allow for two directional opening so you can take advantage of the natural cross ventilation.

* Quiet: UPVC windows can cut down noise levels by more than 70%. This means you can enjoy the quiet inside your home without listening to traffic or noisy neighbours.

Before making a purchase you must decide on your budget, because these window systems can vary greatly in price. There are different levels of quality, as with most products on the market. You don’t want to break the bank, but you do need to keep in mind that the better quality you purchase, the longer the windows will last, and the more you will save on heating and cooling bills. You have to consider more than just the purchase price of the windows. UPVC windows in Glasgow and surrounding areas can be installed by professionals who will give you advice on the best system for you and your needs.

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