3 Tips for Hiring a CCTV installer

by | May 11, 2018 | bloggers connect

When it comes to CCTV installation, you need to choose the right camera and installer for you to maximize the benefits of a CCTV system. For your system to serve you as expected, you need to hire an installer who is experienced enough to translate your security goals into a proper system.


An accredited company proves that the company is dedicated to high quality services and uses only high-quality CCTV in Newport. To provide such high standards, such companies vet their employees before hiring them. This ensures that the products used to provide the customers with value for money as they last for long. NACOSS GOLD is one of the main accreditation bodies for companies dealing with security systems.

Design specification

A good installer understands which camera to use in specific places and for various purposes. Infrared cameras can be installed in places where there is little light as they can capture images even in darkness. High resolution cameras are good where the image needs to be very clear. Dome cameras capture images on 360 degrees while tilt cameras can be adjusted and zoomed to face the direction of interest. Another type of cameras includes dummy cameras, anti-vandal cameras, convert cameras, IP cameras, and internal cameras. Which size of hard drive is suitable for you? How many DVR cameras do you need? What level of recording quality do you need? You may not fully understand some of the requirements, so you need to work with an experienced installer.

Flexible installation

Professional CCTV system installers provide fast and reliable service. When you call them, they make an immediate booking for your service. The installation takes the least time possible. For your system to serve you well, you need to contact a reliable remote monitoring company. Some installers such as Dragon Fire & Security Systems Ltd provide monitoring services.

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